Jot It Down…

It’s easy to get into the swing of negativity right now. There are so many unknowns in the world and so many opinions that seem to be pushed into our lives. Sometimes we just need to sit back and remind ourselves to be positive. To be patient with how life is going right now. Everyone has something positive to pull focus on! That’s what I am here for. I am creating this special place for my family to look at when we are feeling defeated, where we can say “Hey! Remember how much fun we had when we did that?” Our life is chaotic and busy but I never want to forget how much our family grows every single year. Not only with us getting older, obviously, but also how we grow together and with each other. It’s an amazing journey and it’s only just begun.

So what has happened to the Larson family in 2020 that we can pull focus on?

  • In January I got a promotion at work! This promotion has opened a lot of doors into my leadership growth. I was able to travel to LaCrosse and go through (most of) my training. I pushed myself so hard to get to this point and it was an amazing feeling to feel myself grow into a career.
  • We also found out we are PREGNANT in January! I found out the week I was headed for training, so lots of excitement was happening! We also found out we are welcoming another little boy. Feeling really blessed to be able to keep the Larson name going. I never really knew how much that would mean to us.
  • In March local schools were shut down and Bentley was pushed into packet learning from home. This is where some chaos started, but it also gave me the opportunity to spend more time with my kids and learn how to balance my life a little better. How to prioritize and set up a better structure with my family.
  • Even though schools were cancelled Logan and I were still considered essential workers. Although there were some uncertainties that came along with this and not knowing if we were going to bring the virus home made us nervous, we also felt very blessed that we could still bring in our same income and support our family like so many other families could not anymore.
  • In July we bought our HOME! This has been something we’ve wanted to do since we got back home to Wisconsin, but just weren’t financially able to. With support from family we were able to find our dream home tucked away in the country. It has everything we could ask for as our family grows and is so peaceful and wonderful.
  • Logan started his schooling for his new department. He has wanted this from the time he started at the mill and it happened! It’s going to be quite the journey but being able to go to school and have on the job training will be essential for his continued growth. We are very proud of him!
  • We also had an amazing season on the racetrack! This is what our summer consisted of. I never realized how much I would love being a race wife. In the beginning I found it stressful, but now that I have surrendered to my own feelings and see how much it has positively impacted my kids, I love it. We had a new car this year and you could tell that Logan’s seat time was paying off. He did awesome and now there is talk about when the kids are going to be in cars. (The verdict is still out on this one.)

It is now September and my due date is in just a few weeks. To say 2020 has been amazing for us is an understatement. We may have had to do these things in different ways to accomplish them, but we did it and are going to go into the new year in a place we always wanted to be!

Take a minute to look back at this year and pick out the positive points, big or small! Jot them down somewhere and when you’re feeling the negativity rain down on you, look at your list. There is so much to be happy about friends!

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