38 Weeks

How is it that a pregnancy can feel like eternity but also feel like you blinked and it was over? I feel as if we were just finding out that we were expecting with a whirlwind of other changes happening in our lives. We were so excited that to see the word pregnant on that pregnancy test because it took us longer this time around to conceive than it did with Cora. Logan and I both agreed that we wanted just one more little Larson (yes, we question our sanity sometimes too) and knowing that our family was going to be in our eyes “complete” was an amazing feeling. I couldn’t wait to feel the kicks again.

With this pregnancy I did go to Fetal Maternal Medicine to make sure complications weren’t present as they were with my other two pregnancies. And miraculously everything looked wonderful! All they found was that I had what is called Venus Lakes on my Placenta and watched little man’s growth for another week, but soon released me to let things go naturally.

As I hit this milestone of 38 weeks, we are now anticipating the arrival of our little boy in just one week! They are planning on inducing on the 21st of September and I have to say I am relieved to finally know a date! With prior anxieties and also the fact that I am still working a full time job, knowing we can line things up with family makes things just a little bit less chaotic!

We cannot wait to meet this bundle of joy and share this newest journey!

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