Getting Creative

Having a creative outlet has always been important to me. I used to craft and create whenever I could. I even remember taking light switch covers and gluing layers of pictures together to make my room look cool. I taught myself how to crochet. It has always been a big part of my life and I wish I had more time to take up some of the creative hobbies that I seemed to loose over the past couple of years.

That is why creating a space for the kids to create in was so important to me. When we bought this house and saw that the basement was mostly finished I squealed a little inside! Not only could I create a massive space for them to hang out, I could build what we call “centers” for them to really do the things they love.

We have been adding piece by piece to create their little oasis and have a few more projects in the works, but I was determined to get their art center done before the new baby came. I wanted to give them an inside space that they could go to and just be kids. Make a mess. Imagine great things. A place for them to get away to if they want or need to. And it turned out way better than I imagined!

We had a few things that I used from our old house. This included the wall hung easel that Cora got for Christmas last year, the metal cart, the look what I did wall hanger, and the red sensory table that Cora got for her birthday this year. I knew that I wanted to include all of these into the space, but wanted to tie it all together with something meaningful.

I found the amazing quoted print at Hobby Lobby when we first moved into the house. When I read it I started crying and knew it had to go into their space. I finished it off with portraits of both Bentley and Cora from our sunflower photo session this summer. Those pictures meant so much to me personally and our photographer (Brittney E Photography) did such an amazing job capturing our growing family.

A few other things I added…

  • Wool pom pom garland (Amazon)
  • Metal paper wall organizer (Amazon)
  • Plexiglass on the wall (Menards) – We use Tempra paint sticks to color on this. Super fun + easy to wipe clean.
  • Kid size table + chairs (Amazon)
  • Pencil/marker/crayon organizer (Metal buckets from Walmart, wood backing from our yard)

There are still some things that I want to add including an organization cart and hanging wall organizer for small craft supplies such as googly eyes, etc. but I am so thrilled to give them a space where they can hang out and use their imagination!

No I just have to figure out what project I want to tackle next!

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