We Sense Fall in the Air

One thing I have always attempted to do with Bentley and Cora was sensory play and exploring. When we lived in our old house we didn’t exactly have the space to store bins or even have a nice place for them to actually be able to play with them unless I got everything out and put it on the dining room table in a small bin that they often times fought over.

Now that we have created a little oasis in our new house for them to create and explore, I was able to take one of Cora’s birthday presents (we used it as a sand box prior) and use it the way I intended it to be used for, a sensory table!!

A few weekends ago now, Cora and I decided to do a little shopping while the boys did yard work with grandma and grandpa. And with her expertise, we created our very first season themed bin. We were going back between a spooky Halloween theme and fall theme, but since we are able to start and keep the bin out a bit longer, we went with just a Harvest/Fall theme. I myself think that it turned out fantastic!

Here’s what we put into it…

  • Dried Beans (black, pinto, kidney, and chickpeas). We used 2lbs of each kind to fill the bin to our liking.
  • Fake mini pumpkins + corn on the cob.
  • Mini hay bales.
  • Fake fall maple leaves.
  • Mini white apple buckets (found in the wedding department).
  • A scarecrow and harvest owl.
  • Wooden spoon + silicone spoon.

We purchased almost everything at our local Dollar Tree with the exception of the chickpeas and wooden spoon!

Our plan is to keep this out out through November and then get one started for a Winter theme! We will be starting a sensory tote to put all of our different themes in so we can rotate as we want. We will focus on seasons first and then possibly move onto holidays + fun random themes like the beach or space!

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